Our Mission

United Wear develops compelling brands and functional products with the goal to, over time, blur the line between human identities and consumer clothing. Today, we are focused on solving unmet needs related to human identities and fashion. As these brands and products evolve, they hold the potential to profoundly reshape the apparel industry.

Our Process

At United Wear, we have a broad view to understanding human societies and cultures in pursuit of unifying humanity.

Series-based approach

Our work is divided into brands called series, each working to solve a group of unmet needs. The lead project, nomus, solves individual’s personal identities related to names. As we continue to make progress, we will announce updates within this series as well as other unrelated series.

Horizontal approach

We are strong believers in expanding our infrastructure, both for how it enables product availability as well as for scaling manufacturing and distribution. As such, we work intimately with local and global partners to ensure products reach the market and users conveniently.